Tara ship Training Workshop/ Internship

Feel like going to Fiji and cruse back to Auckland on the famous boat Tara?

IRD, the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (Noumea) is looking for 1 student from New Zealand to take part to a project on climate change from 2 to 9 June including a 3 day workshop with RFI, France24 and IRD journalists, to gain skills in producing 3-minute video reports using a smartphone.
_ Kiwi students speak both English and French language at a good level in oral expression
_Audiovisual / Cinema /Communication/Education sciences
_Knowledge and Natural Resources management
_International Development
_Applicants will demonstrate some prior knowledge in video production software, Internet,
_Multimedia and Community Management technologies.
_Applicants will be comfortable with cruising on a sailboat.

Please Send CV and cover letter to mina.vilayleck@ird.fr. SELECTION BY THE 16 th ,2017.