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Put your French skills into action with our Special Topic Classes - a great new selection each term.

DOUBLE ENROLMENT DISCOUNT - Enrol in a Term 2 regular language class and get $90 off enrolment in a Special Topic Class!

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2017 - Term 2

From 1 May to 30 Jun

Available Courses: 3

2017 - Mid-Term 2

From 29 May to 30 Jun

Bonjour! We're deIighted to see that you're interested in enroling during the Mid Term Session! Please note the details of a Mid Term enrolment below...

Mid Term enrolments allow you to join an existing French class from week 5 until the end of the Term (week 9). Rest assured, the Alliance Française staff and teachers will welcome you to the group! Beforehand, we'll make sure that you have enroled in the proper class for your French level and that you're all set to join at the Mid-Term!