Bbeals: 24/25 MARCH

An international co-production between Footnote New Zealand Dance and French company Danses en L’R, Bbeals is an entrancing new dance work that begins its journey at Jennifer Beal’s character in the quintessential 80s film Flashdance. As well as movement, Bbeals involves original music and theatre.

The amazing Footnote dancers are also joined by performers from France, Belgium and Porturgal.

This thought provoking work by Eric Languet, accompanied by live music from cast member Yann Costa, also draws on biblical events from the Tower of Babel to the Great Flood to reflect on the individual confronted with the group, and the question of responsibility.

What are you ready to believe in order to be happy?

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Interview of Eric Languet on Radio NZ with Kim Hill in the Playing Favourites segment.