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1) LES PETITS FRANÇAIS. 2 yrs-9 yrs

With our method “ Les petits français”, your child discovers and learns a new language while playing, moving, dancing and singing! This multi-faceted approach enables our little pupils to learn in context and take part in fun activities!

Key points of our method:

- Children follow the adventure of  two adorable characters: Minia, the spontaneous sheep, and Yaroslav, the lovely caring dog
- Each session is a  mix of routine: welcome and end of session song and the presence of the 2 characters to guide the children;  and new adventures: with the discovery of new topics.
- Children learn with Minia and Yaroslav through  songs and situations they are familiar with
- Children are introduced to the  French culture - Minia and Yaroslav help our little pupils to get to know themselves and name their emotions

To find out more about Les petits-français method please visit  here

Available Courses: 2

2) LE FRANÇAIS, C'EST COOL! 10yrs-13yrs

le francais c'est cool