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2. Autumn Intensive 2018 Beginner

Product Code: AI18 A G Beginner 2018

Age Group Adults
Type Intensive French Immersion
Session 2018 - Autumn Intensive
Duration 16 hours
Level Various levels
Schedules 17 Apr 2018 to 27 Apr 2018
  • Monday to Friday - 6:00pm to 8:00pm at 1) Grey Lynn Centre
Note: Wednesday, 25 April - ANZAC Day (Public Holiday) - Make-up lesson will be on 27 April.

Autumn Intensive


Date Topic General Grammar Vocabulary
Tue 17 Francophonie Discover the countries of the French speaking world Countries - gender,nationalities, prepositions Countries, cities of the Francophonie
Wed 18 Québec Geography, seasonal activities in Québec Faire + activiites, express likes & dislikes, habits Activities, Seasons, Months
Thu 19 Maghreb Geography, countries, typical food, recipes Quantity, Imperative form of the verb Recipes and ingredients
Fri 20 Paris Recount experiences of Paris, monuments, directions Prepositions + place, directions, the verbs aller, prendre, tourner Expressing place
Mon 23 New Caledonia Islands & towns, culture, museums of Nouméa The verbs pouvoir, vouloir, future proche Cities, Islands of NC, cultural words
Tue 24 Brussels Discover the city of Brussels, make a hotel reservation Asking politely, asking for details Hotel vocab
Thu 26 Strasbourg Discover Strasbourg, ancient buildings, houses Qualifying adjectives and their place in the sentence Buildings, furniture
Fri 27 French Polynesia Geography, islands, towns, Paul Gauguin Past tense Biographical vocab

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