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B1.2 Tuesday Evening

Product Code: 2020 MT4 A G B1.2 Tuesday Evening 2020

Age Group Adults
Type 1. Regular Classes
Session 2020 - Mid Term 4
Level B1.2
Schedules 10 Nov 2020 to 08 Dec 2020
  • Tuesday - 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Grey Lynn Centre > Room 2 - Duras > Présentiel (Bonnie White)
A valid registration fee is required in order to enroll in this course

Over two terms (regular pace) or one term (express pace), the topics you will cover in this class are:

  • Talking about travelling and tourism
  • Recounting a memory
  • Talking about your family
  • Talking about traditions
  • Understanding a radio program, a movie clip, a poem or a TV news reporT
  • Talk about cultural diversity
  • Talk about living abroad
  • Encourage someone
  • Talk about two different events in the past
  • Express dificulties  
  • Talk about the news
  •  Write an article
  •  Debate

This class is step 2 of 4 towards DELF B1 (Official French Examination)
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Required Course Material
$60.50 NZD
Nouvel Edito B1
Nouvel Edito B1 is used for our Advanced level courses: From B1.1 to B1.8
$240.00 NZD
Approx $160.00 USD