The level requirements for the DELF Prim and Junior are exactly the same as those for the DELF “Adults”.
The difference lies in the choice of topics which are selected to suit the interests of young people, thus making learning more fun.


  • 3 different levels, A1.1 (very elementary), A1 & A2
  • Adapted for children between 7 and 11 years old in primary school

DELF Junior

  • 4 different levels A1, A2, B1 & B2
  • Adapted for teenagers between 12 and 18 years old in middle and high-school

More information about the DELF Prim and Junior on the CIEP website.

Sessions dates 2021

DELF Prim and Junior exams are both on the same day
- Examination date: Saturday 30th October
- Enrolment Deadline: 22d October

Enrolment process for the exams

1) Fill in the registration form (please download here)
2) Provide a copy of ID
3) Send everything by email to with in copy
(or bring all documents to our office)
4) Make your payment, by clicking on the prices below, over the phone or at our office.

DELF Prim and Junior fees
- DELF Prim A1.1-A2 - $55
- DELF Junior A1-A2 - $100
- DELF Junior B1-B2 - $120

Special prices for FRENZ members (only valid once per child)
- DELF Prim A2 - Free
- DELF Junior B1/B2 - $65

Mock exam 2021 - Online

A mock exam is organised a few weeks before the real exams in order to help the candidates choose the right level
- Date and Time: Friday the 17th of September from 4 - 5.30pm 
- Enrolment deadline : 15th of September
- Price: $20

FRENZ Exam preparation classes 2021

Sessions with DELF qualified teachers to help candidates prepare for the exam.

OPTION 1 - Regular classes

  • 10 hours of classes throughout term 3 (26th of July - 1st of October)
  • Mondays from 3.30 to 4.30pm
    • 1 child : $220
    • 2 children : $418
    • 3 children : $594
    • 4 children : $748

OPTION 2 - Short and intense classes

  • 4 hours of classes on the frist two weeks of term 4
  • Fridays 22th and 29th of October from 4 to 6pm
    • 1 child : $135

Please note registration fees are require to join the classes
- Regular price: $60
- Frenz Special price: $30

Combo Mock exam + Exam preparation classes 2021

A special combo to attend the Mock exam and the preparation classes in order to be fully ready for the DELF Exam.

  • Regular preparation classes + Mock exam : $230
  • Short and intense preparation classes + Mock exam : $145

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