Artist lecture: Chloé Quenum | FABLES

Wednesday 30 May, @Auckland Art Gallery

Ⓒ Chloé Quenum

   The French Artist Chloé Quenum, resident of the Te Whare Hēra International Artist Residency in Wellington
   will be holding a special talk about her work at the Auckland Art Gallery, in partnership with Alliance Francaise      Auckland. 

    About Chloé Quenum
   Chloé Quenum has a particular interest in transmission media, such as textiles. To her, the textile is a living object      and a testimony of cultural overlays and invasions, political and economic ambitions.“For example dye and tools
   can relate to the exchange of graphic systems and techniques caused by displacement of civilizations".

Les Allégories  ( Kadist Fondation, 2016)
Ⓒ Aurélien Mole

Protection (2016)
Ⓒ Aurélien Mole

In the recent years Chloé Quenum has focused on the notions of ‘origin’ as multiple, varied and itinerant. Cultural crossings are at the heart of her research which consists of testimonials and collections of objects and iconography. “My practice is not formally systematic and can include several media techniques and materials - but it is always about telling stories.”

Following the exploration of the complex layering of space and time, Chloé recently approached another dimension of humanity in her research; names. How these inherited names, that connect geography, history, symbolism and that transcend generations resonate in our contemporary realities?  A question she will also address during her talk at the Auckland Art Gallery.

For more information on Chloé Quenum's artistic practice please visit Galerie Joseph Tang

WHERE: Auckland Art Gallery
WHEN: Wednesday 30 May, 6pm - 7pm
COST: Free