Cine-Club : Bon rétablissement / Get Well Soon

From Jean Becker, Director of  Conversation with my Garderner and My Afternoons with Margueritte, comes a heart-warming tale of finding friends (and hope) in the strangest of places.

After he is hit by a car, Pierre (award-winning actor Gérard Lanvin, Jo’s Boy) must spend four weeks in forced convalescence in hospital. With friends and family coming to see him, other patients from the hospital paying him unsolicited visits and staff dropping in at any hour, Pierre gets more attention than he would ask for.

However, after several weeks of moaning and whining, Pierre eventually starts to make friends with some of the staff and patients, including a feisty but lovable nurse, a Parisian cop (comedian Fred Testot) who is investigating the accident but also has a more personal reason for being at the hospital, and a flighty teen with a dark secret who keeps stealing Pierre’s laptop.

Stuck in his bed with time to think over his mistakes and regrets in life, Pierre comes to realise that his convalescence might be offering him a second chance.

Director: Jean Becker
Cast: Gérard Lanvin, Fred Testot, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Swann Arlaud
Country: France
Year: 2014
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 81 minutes
Rating: M – offensive language



Monday 4 May
Monday 11 May
6.30pm drinks / 7.00pm film6.30pm drinks / 7.00pm film
Berkeley Cinema, 32-34 Anzac Street, TakapunaMonterey Cinema, 4/2 Fencible Drive, Howick, Auckland
(09) 488 6000 /    Tickets 532 70 34  / Tickets                 

Tickets: $14 ($12 for AF Members and Students) includes complementary  French cheese from  C'est Fromage                                                         
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