Cine-Club : Turning Tide ("En solitaire")

When : Monday 4 August at 7.00 pm

Where : at Berkeley Cinema in Takapuna
Price : $11.5 + $3 the glass of wine

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Turning Tide is a thrilling adventure picture set on the open seas. This production stars François Cluzet (Intouchables and Tell No One) as Yann Kermadec, a taciturn Breton who, after his friend Franck (heart-throb Guillaume Canet) breaks a leg, steps in to skipper a high-tech yacht for the Vendée Globe, a strictly solo three month round-the-world yacht race.

Early misfortune sees Yann’s boat briefly laid up in the Canary Islands, but when he rejoins the race, he discovers he is carrying a teenage stowaway, Mano (Samy Seghir). Realising his long cherished dream of winning the Vendée Globe is imperiled by the presence of the young Mauritian, a furious Yann refuses to speak to the boy. However, slowly his hostility gives way to empathy and an understanding of Mano’s predicament.

  While this stunning film makes a poignant comment on migration,
it is the breathtaking action sequences that make it a cinematic experience not to be missed

Director: Christophe Offenstein
Cast: François Cluzet, Guillaume Canet, Virginie Efira, Samy Seghir
Genre: Drama
Duration: 96 minutes
Rating: M – offensive language