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Location // Auckland Art Gallery, lower ground

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The Alliance Française Auckland, in partnership with the Institut Français and Courrier International, is proud to announce the opening of the commeorative exhibition  Drawings without borders (Dessins en liberté).

Dessins en liberté features cartoons created by nearly 50 cartoonists from around the world. All of these images were published in local newspapers. While clearly echoing the terror attacks perpetrated against the editorial board of Charlie Hebdo in January 2015, the exhibition offers us an understanding of how freedom of speech and artistic expression can be used for social and political comment all around the world.

The exhibition comprises 12 panels of press drawings all dedicated to a specific theme of freedom of speech: censorship, internet, corruption, women’s rights, rebellions, climate, sport, racism, etc.

1. Opening
2. Free sketches
3. Charlie hebdo
4. The dangers of the web
5. Beware corruption! 
6. Women voices

7. The new rebels
8. Save the planet
9. Crisis without borders
10. Sport vices
11. Racism
12. Bloody French !

The exhibition will run from 19 March until mid-May, as part of the French language week. It resonates with the curent exhibition held at the Auckland Art Gallery on Honoré Daumier: Mirror to the world.