The Alliance Française French Film Festival has firmly established itself as the foremost French cultural event in New Zealand. Reaching out to about 35,000 people every year, the Festival is the second largest film festival in the country and showcases France and the French-speaking world in all its diversity.

2018 will present a diverse showcase of the best contemporary French-language cinema in New Zealand. The selection will include successful French titles that have premiered at prestigious international film festivals including Cannes and Toronto.

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Alliance Française Film Pick

Montparnasse Bienvenüe presents a situation that I'm familiar with: returning back to France to settle down after a long time abroad. As it will happen to me again soon, I'm really looking forward to seeing how the main character will deal with that sort of event. José

While many movies seem interesting in this 2018 edition of the festival, I am particularly looking forward to seeing Ava. It is one of the the first films from the young director Léa Mysius and tells a coming of age story. I love the idea of a film about a young girl's exploration of her identity and the few images I have seen make me feel like this is going to be a beautiful and touching movie that also makes us question of ourselves. Caroline

I chose Ceasefire because I love history and I think it's important that we look at France’s colonial past with new eyes. Also, Romain Duris ... is there more to say? Caroline

See You Up There should be nothing short of lively and colourful, a handcrafted film with a powerful story set in 1920s France. We can expect humour and  magic from the great French comedian Albert Dupontel. Hopefully it is cinema at its best. Simon

I choose Gauguin because I am a huge fan of everything that involves Vincent Cassel and I know I won't be disappointed by his performance. I am also very interested in discovering more about Gauguin's personal diary and how he found inspiration for his paintings , as the film is based on the painter's personal notebooks. Moreover, the settings are beautiful and invite the viewer on an artistic and exotic journey. I can't wait to watch this movie! Camilla

I'm one of the very lucky ones who have already seen this movie and I can't recommend it highly enough! A piece of modern history, BPM depicts the personal lives and actions of  Act-up members, an association seeking higher public concern and governmental help for those sick with HIV. I think it is an essential movie, especially for the young generation, as it reminds us that even though tremendous progress has been achieved, the fight against HIV continues. Marion

This is our land looks like a great film that examines the simply good life of Paulette and mixes it up with the complexity of politics... Jane