Jouons avec les mots de la langue française !

Francophonie 2021 - Jeu: Dis-moi dix mots 

Alliance Francaise Auckland is hosting a competition in line with Francophonie 2021's
Dis-Moi Dix Mots
('Give Me 10 Words') 

The celebrations for Francophonie are back this March 2021 !
"Dis-moi dix mots", a French language awareness campaign invites everyone to play and express themselves in a literary and/or artistic form.
Each year, a theme conveys a message about the French language : this year, the theme is the AIR.
Then, ten words are selected, illustrating the theme. They are chosen by the various French-speaking partners of the OPALE network: France, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland and the International Organization of the Francophonie (which represents 84 states and governments).

The new edition invites everyone to draw inspiration from the following 10 words:

Aile - Allure - Buller - Chambre à air - Décoller - éolien - Foehn - Fragrance - Insuffler - Vaporeux

Mais qu est ce que ca veut dire ???

>> Definitions of the words<<

Terms and deadline:

Entrants must pick one or more words from the list and use them in a sentence, a poem, a story or a drawing depending on their level:

Beginner: write a sentence
Medium level: write a poem
Advanced level: write a story (max 50 words)
Child (up to 12): make a drawing

The winners will be decided by a jury composed of our head teacherS. The entries will be judged on the following criteria: 

Quality of expression

Submit your work by email at no later than Sunday 14 March

One winner per level will be announced on Wednesday 17 March


For beginner, Medium and Advanced 1 prize by level: 20 hours FREE class
For Children (under 12 yo) 2 FREE days for 2 children at our Holiday Program during school Holiday

Bonne chance !

Please contact us for more information or for any dietary requirements: 09 376 0009 or