French Animation for Kids

Saturday August 18,  Auckland Central City Library

Join us at the Central City Library for a great selection of children's short films!
The screening will be held on Saturday 18 August, 2pm. 

4 shorts films for kids - 51min

  • Tigres à la queue leu leu (Tigers tided up in one rope)

    Benoît Chieux / France / 2014 / 6min
    A very lazy little boy is scolded by his mother for doing nothing but sleeping and eating all day long. He finally decides to get to work and reveals himself to be an inventive and persistant young men.
  • La petite pousse (The little seed)

    Chaïtane Conversat / France / 2015 / 10min
    One day, while the girl with the magic sheet is dozing, a seed falls into her mouth. A little shoot starts to grow...
  • One, two, tree 

    Yulia Aronova / France / 2014 / 7min
    This is the story of a tree like all others. One day, he puts on his boots and goes for a walk. He invites every person on his way to join him. The walk becomes a joyful parade...
  • Neige (Snow)

    Antoine Lancieux & Sophie Roze / France / 2015 / 28min
    Prune is a 9 year old girl who is going skiing with her class. A terrible storm descends on the city where her family lives. Her young brother Philémon is about to make a surprising discovery: an Eskimos family has set up house on a roundabout

WHEN: Saturday 18 August, 2pm
WHERE: Auckland Central City Library
COST: Free