Le Franglais Improv Comedy Show - Wed 26 November - 8.30pm

50 % Français – 50 % English, 100 % improvised. Vous ne savez pas ce que vous allez voir. We don't know what we'll play.

Le Franglais Improv Comedy show is the only bilingual spectacle in New Zealand that is complètement improvisé. The twisting of the languages brings of course un certain je ne sais quoi to the party. And il will put you on a journey to explore what makes us laugh about the Frogs, the Roastbeef and all the francophones and anglophones around the world.

But don't worry there is no need to be fluent in both languages to enjoy it. Un peu, beaucoup, pas du tout ? Peu importe : flaws are also part of the show, you'll see!

With the support of the Alliance Française d'Auckland and The House of Rugby.

Entrée : $10 on the door.
Place : the House of Rugby (15 Union Street)
Heure: 8.30pm

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