MUSIC NIGHT PROGRAMME                          

Discover our Fête de la Musique evening programme starting at 8pm. A touch of French flair with a great mix of DJs and live bands! Here is a foretaste of the line-up in order of appearence:

COST from 8pm: $10/ $5 for AFA members and students



Amateur guitarist and singer, Rémi reinterprets French songs from the "chansons à textes" popular tradition. From Brassens to La Rue Ketanou, the guitar offers the surroundings in which burlesque and/or heavy lyrics seek to deliver an honest humanist message to whoever wishes to question received ideas, or less pompously pause for a hopefully enjoyable moment! Rémi will play in the afternoon during the market.

                                     WINE DIRECTION


"Wine Direction" is composed of Etienne (ukelele) from Burgundy, Lio (guitar) from Châteauneuf, Foué (bass) from Bordeaux and Bert (drums) from Pornic and proud of it! We are all wine lovers tweaking global hits into rock tunes with a French flair. We've been together for a year, this is our first gig, à consommer sans modération! Catch this short and full of energy set from 8.30 to 8.45!


Originally from Rio, Dj Corysco  developed a strong connection with French culture and music when he moved to Paris in 2013, being a big vinyl collector he has visited many record stores while touring around cities like Nantes, Annecy and Lyon. Currently in Auckland he will be bringing some of those sounds to our Fête de La Musique.  
DJ Corysco will take over the turn tables from 6 to 9pm!



An avalanche of music styles from across the globe: Bossa Nova, blues, ballads, swing, waltz, tango.... Whatever the style, the focus is on improvisation making each performance unique. The band will take you through an unpredictable journey of pleasurable sounds and will throw in some elegant French classic. Check out Avalanche's set from 9 to 9.45pm.

                                   LE MAJOR CASTON

Ruairi and Mark, DJs infused with the sounds of Europe and France, unite as Le Major Caston to get you in the mood for some cha-cha-cha.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jonathan Crayford is perhaps New Zealand’s most exciting export to the world of music. This prolific composer, performer and pianist spent 20 years honing his craft in New York, before returning to NZ in the naughties to rock the music scene. Crayford has most recently been living in Paris and Spain, writing a film/opera and recording two albums of solo piano music in Spain and a trio album in New York. He presents work from his recent release East West Moon which is a finalist for NZ music awards! Let's get jazzy with Jonathan Crayford at 10 until 10.45pm!


Tres Lucas is a new group formed by Steve Cournane and two well known improvisors from the Auckland scene. They will present a mixture of jazz trio, Peruvian Groove, and electronic music! Steve Cournane will wrap-up the musicians performances playing from 11pm to 12am!



Ex-Parisian now New Zealander since 2000, DJ Belleville is a musician, producer and DJ. His mission ? Introducing Kiwis to something a little different from what they are used to. DJ Belleville have made Groove and Fat Bass his motto! Dance the night away with DJ Belleville from 11pm to 2 am!             

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