My French Night

‼ Already enrolled in Term 2 and want to enroll for Term 3 ? Come to our French Night  enjoy 10% discount at AF coming classes !
📸 Upon presentation of your ticket for the show, you'll be able to enjoy 10% off for any enrollment at Alliance Française Auckland by Friday 5th   !
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From 6pm
Come & join us to celebrate the end of Term 2 and travel to France for the evening , with :

A Stand-Up comedy Show : "My French Comedy Night", directed by Karina Kokonut (At 6.30pm - 1hour)

A show in Frenglish ... A mix of French and English !
🇫🇷 C'est un groupe de français venus des six coins de la France...Parisien, Alsacien, Franc-Comtois, Lyonnais, Sudiste, Ch’ti… leur seul et unique but est de vous faire rire…Préparez-vous à passer une soirée inoubliable avec leurs anecdotes de Frenchies au pays des kiwis et à balancer vos bras sur “Champs Elysée” et autres classiques de la chanson française.Vous allez découvrir comment Quentin qui est un mec assez banal en France est devenu le sujet de conversation incontournable de ses collègues kiwis, la raison complètement délirante de la présence de Xavier et Daniel en Nouvelle-Zélande, ou encore les aventures de Martin le backpacker qui n’était pas préparé à la gastronomie néo-zélandaise...Et bien plus encore...

 🇳🇿 A group of 6 Frenchies from Paris, Alsace, Franche-Comté, Lyon, Sud, Nord....who just want to make you laugh !
Be ready to spend an unforgettable evening with stories about Frenchies in Kiwi's land rythmed by french songs like "Champs-Elysées" !
You'll discover how Quentin, a typical french guy, became the main topic of his workmates' dicussions, the crazy reason why Xavier & Daniel came to New-Zealand or the adventures of Martin, the backpacker who wasn't prepared to Kiwi gastronomy ! And so much more ...


Crêpes and Galettes from Sisi's Pastry : Really traditional homemade Brittany crêpes (sweet) & Galettes (savoury)....

All the evening, Sisi's pastry will be there to treat you, and to let you travel to France with Crêpes and Galettes!

Sweet  :  10$
(Lemon - Sugar or Chocolate or  Caramel)
Golden sweet : 14$
(Banana + chocolate or caramel)
Extra whipped cream : 1$
Savoury : 16$
(Ham-Cheese-Spinach or Tomato-Cheese-Spinach)

Glass of French Cider : 5$
Soft drink : 2$
Enjoy 1 crêpe or galette of your choice and a glass of French cider with your ticket 

20$ for AF members / students
22$ for non members
Price includes : THE SHOW + 1 CRÊPE (Sweet) OR GALETTE (Savoury) + 1 GLASS OF FRENCH CIDER

FREE for kids under 12years old
Only kids above 12 years old can have access to the show  
For under 12 years old : kids' corner with movie - Crêpes and galettes available on site at prices mentioned

Limited places so book your ticket now :
Non-Members : HERE
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No tickets required, you will be on a nominative list

 *The show is in "Frenglish" so no need to be fluent in French to understand!