Party Drinks Workshop

Tuesday 10 September

5:30PM - 7:00PM

Would you like to make delicious cocktails and mocktails like a professional mixologist?
Surprise friends, family and colleagues with this spectacular party drinks workshop in French!

Céline, professional bartender at the SO/Auckland was introduced to us by Chef Marc de Passorio - she will lead the workshop and will teach you how to make the most delicious drinks.

Following our first encounter with Céline, she decided to concoct a special "Alliance Française" cocktail...
which we have named "La Germaine" - all will be explained during the workshop...!

The workshop will last 1 hr 30 mins and will focus on a variety of cocktails and mocktails, the discovery of the Alliance Française cocktail and how to make homemade syrups for all sorts of drinks.

Places are limited - secure your place!

Workshop for Members here:                $50.00
Workshop for Non Members
here:                $65.00       

More about Céline....

I started in the hospitality sector when I was 15 and attended a catering school in France for 5 years.
During my studies I had the opportunity to work in Canada, which was a great experience. I was doing service and cooking however I already knew that I wanted to work behind a bar as I wanted to be in contact the customer and also to be creative.

After my studies, I decided to visit Europe so I travelled around Italy and Greece in a van. I started working for the first time as a bartender on a Greek island. When I went back to France, I wanted to study more deeply bartending so I did a training in a Bartending school and cocktail bar. It taught me all the bar rules, classic cocktails and most of the skills I needed to work as a competent bartender.

I still wanted to discover other countries so I left for Mexico, backpacking for a  few months. I learnt a lot about spirits (mezcal and tequila) and the Mexican culture. I then made my way to New Zealand as I wanted to work in an English speaking environment and decided to settle down for at least a year. I  am currently working in a 5 star hotel – the SO/Auckland – as a bartender in one of the busiest bars in Auckland and I plan to go and work in South America for my next experience.