Petit-déjeuner spécial brioches vendéennes

Join us and enjoy our home made brioche vendéenne, coffee and a French conversation in a relaxed atmosphere every Saturday from 10am to 12pm at Alliance Francaise Auckland!
Vous êtes francophones de passage, vous venez de vous installer à Auckland ? N'hésitez pas à venir rencontrer nos membres et échanger avec eux à l'occasion de ces petits déjeuners hebdomadaires.

Alliance Francaise Auckland 
9A Kirk Street

Members $6
Regulars $12
Children 50% off

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Vendée is a region in the West of France, on the Atlantic Ocean, also well known for its traditional brioche.
It used to be called the “Cake of the Bride” because the tradition long time ago was that the godfather and godmother of the bride offered a brioche to the bride on the evening of the wedding during what is called “The Dance of the Brioche”.Brioche vendéenne is braided, very fluffy, a bit stringy and melts in your mouth. It is not to be confused with 'Gache' similar but contains crème fraiche and has an oval or round shape.