Energising and relaxing sivananda yoga taught in French by yoga teacher Arati.

About the class - Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda Yoga 90 minute sessions, 3 sessions available each week. Taught in French at Alliance Française, 9a Kirk St, Grey Lynn.

Tuesday 7.00-8.30am
Thursday 8.00-9.30am
Friday 7.30-9.00am

Start with a relaxation and a mantra. Then breathing practice, sun salutations and 12 basic asanas. Finish with a good deep relaxation and a mantra.

You will learn to control your body, mind, emotions and stress. Gentle and energetic. This whole session will clear your mind and make your vital energy shine like a rising sun !

About the teacher - Arati

'Yoga is not a sport, a fashion, or a competition, Yoga is facing yourself, accepting who you are. Bring your body and mind to the light.
Sivananda Yoga will show you the way.
' Sayoko

'How fortunate I have been ! Four years in India the birth place of YOGA. Walking along this path was natural. This journey was my karma. Arati is the holly name that was given to me during my Advanced Teacher's Training Course at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram. It means light offered to the gods during a ritual...' Sayoko

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Casual Class $20   

5 Class Package $80

10 Class Package $150


Tuesday 17 Oct 7.00-8.30am

Thursday 19 Oct 8.00-9.30am

Friday 20 Oct 7.30-9.00am

Tuesday 24 Oct 7.00-8.30am

Thursday 26 Oct 8.00-9.30am

Friday 27 Oct 7.30-9.00am

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Phone 376 0009
Email information@alliance-francaise.co.nz