DAEFLE is a diploma designed for those who intend to become French language teachers.

  • Diploma administered by the Alliance Française de Paris and the CNED (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance).
  • The DAEFLE preparation training is done via correspondence and can be completed in one or two years.
  • Anyone who would like to participate in this training will have to take the DAEFLE Test d'accès before being registered. This test evaluates the French competency of the candidates to ensure they will succeed the DAEFLE Final exam.

Further information on this link.


The test is online. You will take it from the comfort of your home, using your own device. The Alliance Française Paris will liaise with you about the technical aspects of the test once you are enrolled with us.

You will find all the information regarding the Test d'Accès on this page.

Sessions dates 2022

April sessions
Enrolment deadline: 04th of March
Online exam: 05th to 13th of April
Results: As of 27th of April

June / July sessions
Enrolment deadline: 27th of May
Online exam: 27th of June to 1st of July
Results: As of 13th of July

September sessions
Enrolment deadline: 26th of August
Online exam: 26th to 30th of September
Results: As of 13th of October

November sessions
Enrolment deadline: 21st of October
Online exam: 21st to 25th of November
Results: As of 13th of December

Enrolment process

From 2022, enrollments to the Test d'Accès have to be made directly with the Alliance Française de Paris. 

The enrollment process is described in this document.


The test takes place at our office in Remuera. 

Sessions dates 2022

June session
Enrolment deadline: 29th of April
Examination: 07th of June (9am to 5pm)
Results: 16th of September

December session
Enrolment deadline:
28th of October
Examination: 7th of December (9am to 5pm)
16th of March 2023

Enrolment process

  1. Download and fill in the registration form for the Examen Final (here).
  2. Send it to school@alliance-francaise.co.nz with information@alliance-francaise.co.nz in copy.
  3. Make your payment by clicking on the prices below, over the phone or at our office.

The test costs $685

June session - $685
December session - $685