Our Team - Your Team

Alliance Francaise Auckland is proud to have some of the best and brightest talent.

As a language and cultural center, we are absolutely committed to provide the best experience for everyone coming to our premises.

So, we’d like to introduce you to the people who make up our talented team.

The Administration Team

Melissa  Director of Study 
Melissa, an international administrative volunteer and a graduate of Sciences Po, brings her expertise as a cultural manager, gained notably in Sweden, to benefit us. Passionate about yoga, surfing, and traveling, she infuses her adventurous spirit into her work, enriching our cultural endeavors with her global perspective. Melissa also has a talent for playing the accordion, adding a musical touch to our community.
Opaline  Admin Coordinator 
Originally from Rennes, Brittany, Opaline landed in Aotearoa in 2022 with the firm intention of settling there for a while. Passionate about people, she always has a smile for everyone she meets. Opaline adores music and is skilled at playing the harp, enriching our environment with her love for melodies. She is readily available to respond to all French course requests... 

Yves-Louis General manager

Arriving in New Zealand in 2017, along with his  wife and their three children, Yves-Louis has been leveraging his experience in commerce and marketing at the Alliance since 2022.  A passionate rugby fan and cinema enthusiast, he enjoys sharing his interests with others and exploring the vibrant cultural scene of Auckland.

Our Teachers

Anne-Sophie Teacher

Anne-Sophie from Brittany, passionate about travel, culture, art, and sports. After falling for New Zealand, she now teaches at Alliance Française Auckland, eager to share her culture.

Audrey Teacher

Audrey, with a finance background in cosmetics, now teaches French and shares her passion for French culture and literature. She loves recommending books and recipes!

Bertille Teacher

Having always wanted to be a teacher, she thrives in this profession by sharing her experience, but most importantly, by learning from her students' experiences

Bonnie Teacher

Originally from Paris, she now studies at the University of Auckland and has been teaching at Alliance Française Auckland since 2019. Passionate about teaching, cultural exchange, and community, she loves traveling and is always seeking new adventures.

Caroline Teacher

Caroline, originally from Quebec, is passionate about learning and helping others. She strongly believes in fun and engaging teaching. She loves to travel and share enriching cultural exchanges. Her goal is to inspire and guide her students with enthusiasm.

Clement Teacher

Eric Teacher

Jenna Teacher

A native speaker with a master's in teaching French, she's deeply passionate about languages and cultures. Creating dynamic, personalized learning environments, she enhances linguistic skills effectively.

Kevin Teacher

Originally from New Caledonia, he taught French across the Pacific before settling in Auckland in 2019. Now, he's promoting French/English bilingual education while teaching at Alliance Française Auckland.

Marie Teacher

Paul Teacher

Paul, 28, a primary school teacher from Paris, leads the "A Day at School" program on Wednesdays and Thursdays and teaches French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses for adults.
Sebastien Teacher

Swiss, cartography aficionado, in his youth, Sebastien has explored German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. Together, you are setting off on a journey across the wonders of French.

Our Board Members

Deborah Walker-Morrisson President

Elvire Campinoti Director

Emmanuelle Geron Director

Frederik Cornu Director

Nathalie Bourneville Director