Terms and Conditions

By purchasing an Alliance Française Auckland (“AFA”) product, you tacitly agree to this updated version of Terms & Conditions and enter into a contract with AFA.



If you have some interest with the Alliance Française d’Auckland, you may become a member 



  1. A member is any Person/Family/Institute/Corporate who agrees to pay the membership fees. The status and rights of members is defined on the AFA’s Constitution.
  2. One must be aged 18 or older to become a member. 
  3. The Family card includes up to two children under 18 years old at the date of payment of the membership fees. These children are not members: only the parents are both members. 
  4. The Institute or Corporate card includes up to six people over 18 years old at the date of payment of the membership fees and identified nominally by the structure.
  5. The Membership:
  • gives access to the Multi Media Library/Culturethèque;
  • gives free entrance or low fee entrances for some cultural events;
  • entitles the member to receive the e-newsletter of the Alliance and information on the organized events by the Alliance;
  • entitles the member to discounts with the Alliance’s partners (for more information, please refer to website or ask at the reception desk);
  • allows to follow tuitions at the Alliance Française d’Auckland with reduced enrolment fees.

  1. Any person, child, teen or adult, following tuitions at Alliance Française Auckland is a member.
  2. The membership card is mandatory for learners.
  3. Any learner must pay membership fees



  1. Tuitions may be in-class and/or distant learning and/or home-based.

They include:

  1. Group classes: means any course with 5 or more learners, adults or teenagers (+14 years old). These include (non-exhaustive list). Regular courses: 2 hours per course and one course a week. Twice a week courses: 2 hours per course and 2 courses a week. Intensive courses: Mainly during holidays, 2.5 hours per course and 4 courses a week.
  2. Private or semi-private courses: means any courses up to 4 learners, adults, teenagers, or children. Hours valid for a year
  3. Educational workshops: any workshop directly linked to the French learning, such as Grammar or Pronunciation workshops, survival kit for travellers, Conversation workshops, Senior classes, etc.; are excluded any special workshop preparing to exams .
  4. Children courses: courses specifically fitted for children from 2 to 13 years old; are excluded the Children’s Holiday Programs.


Corporate and Institute courses

  1. Corporate and Institute courses: any group courses bought by a Corporate or Institute on the basis of a contract between the concerned structure and the Alliance for its agents or students or users: the contract will specify the location of the courses, the number of purchased hours and the pace of the courses, the content of the course (specific curriculum, specific vocabulary, etc.). No individual learner enrolment fees are required for those courses but one learner enrolment fees paid by the Corporate or the Institute will be included on the invoiced fees. 



  1. Activities are organized by the Alliance Française d’Auckland, for which the learner enrolment fees are not required.
  2. They concern any activities which are not “Tuitions”.
  3. These include :
  • Children’s Holiday programs,
  • Entertainment workshop : any workshop other than educational workshop,
  • DELF/DALF Preparation courses and/or other exams preparations,
  • DELF / DALF and exams or any other exams or tests organised by Alliance Française d’Auckland,
  • Any other activities which could be proposed by AFA and which is not included in tuitions.
  1. The “BookClub” has a specific status as this activity requires the attendant to be a member, to enable her/him to borrow books from the Media-Library and have access to Culturethèque. 


Other definitions

  1. In-class: courses held in AFA’s premises or antennas, or premises rented by or made available to the Alliance.
  2. Distant learning: for learners who may not be physically present at the Alliance’s premises: that means online education. 
  3. Home-based: concern only private or semi-private courses, and Corporate / Institute courses, based in the learner/Corporate/Institute ‘s premises.
  4. Batch: a package of 20 hours of any courses, on a specified day at a specified hour.
  5. Session: the time required to complete 20 hours of regular courses, namely a term for regular courses.



  1. Once paid, the membership fees are not refundable. 
  2. A member card will be delivered on payment of the membership fees, valid for one year from the payment date. For any payment online through the website, the member will ask for her/his member card at the reception desk of the AFA’s headquarters, 131 Remuera Road, Remuera, 1050
  3. This card is nominative and non-transferable.
  4. A member card mentions at least the member’s full name, the expiry date and the member number. In case of a family membership, two member cards will be delivered to each parent, mentioning the children’s names and respective ages. In case of an Institute or Corporate membership, six membership cards will be delivered to each of the six people named by the Institute or the Company.
  5. Membership fees will open rights for a period of one year from the payment date. 


  1. Any modification – approved cancellation, transfer, etc., - of enrolment to group classes, workshops, exams, tests, etc. will require the learner to pay administration fees, which are 20% of the full value of the bought service, before any discounts.

Transfer of Batch during the same session

  1. Transfers from one batch to another are not encouraged. In exceptional cases, learners may apply for a transfer from a timing to another, for the same session (term). 
  2. Such a transfer becomes effective only after : prior authorization by the Courses Coordinator, payment of the relevant “Transfer of Batch” Fees, which are 20% of the value of the initially purchased batch (excluding any discount such as early bird), and payment of any extra amount on account of an increase in admission, tuition fees or service tax or a difference in the number of hours or rates at the day of the transfer request.
  3. No extra amount will be refunded to the learner.
  4. Such transfers will be authorized subject to availability of seats in the desired batch. Alliance Française d’Auckland reserves the right to refuse such a transfer.

Transfer of Session

  1. Transfers of batch from one session to another are not encouraged. In exceptional cases, learners may apply for a transfer from one session to another. 
  2. Such a transfer becomes effective only after : Prior authorization by the Courses Coordinator, Payment of the relevant “Transfer of session” Fees, which are 20% of the value of the initially purchased batch (excluding any discount such as early bird), And payment of any extra amount on account of an increase in admission, tuition fees or service tax or a difference in the number of hours or rates at the day of the transfer request.
  3. Full course fees may be transferred only once and to the session immediately following the session in which the learner has enrolled if an application is made at least two weeks before the commencement of the course.
  4. Such transfers will be authorized subject to availability of seats in the desired session. Alliance Française d’Auckland reserves the right to refuse such a transfer.
  5. Transfers of sessions are not allowed after the commencement of the class, except in exceptional cases such as grave illnesses or accidents of the learner, or unforeseen emergencies, and at the discretion of the Alliance’s management.


  1. Learners who wish to repeat the level they already followed are given a concession of 30% in the course fees in the case where they register in the session immediately following the already followed session. This benefit is not extended to subsequent sessions.
  2. Such concessions will be subject to availability of seats in the desired session. Alliance Française d’Auckland reserves the right to refuse such a concession.


Home-based tuitions

  1. A learner may ask for some private courses on a location other than the Alliance’s premises. In such a case, some additional fees shall be charged, calculated on the base of a global price per kilometre between the Alliance’s premises, 131 Remuera Road, Remuera, 1050 and the location of the courses. 


  1. Tuitions & activities will run subject to a minimum number of participants. The Alliance Française reserves the right to cancel a class with less than 5 persons registered.
  2. Learner and person participating to an activity are expected to contact the office for information regarding the date of commencement of a course in which they have registered or the date of the activity. Alliance Française d’Auckland will not be liable for missed classes/activities.
  3. Alliance Française d’Auckland will refund the entire course/activity fees if a class is cancelled on account of insufficient registrations or if the starting date is delayed by more than two weeks. No other refund is allowed.
  4. All prices published by AFA are the total course cost and include Goods and Services tax of 15%.
  5. The tuitions fees do not include the cost of textbooks. The prescribed textbooks are compulsory and are to be purchased by learners from the Alliance Française d’Auckland or any other means.
  6. The learner enrolment fees are not included in the mentioned tuitions’ prices.
  7. Tuition/activities fees are not refundable for any reason and are not transferable to a third person. In other terms, only the person registered for the class/activity is allowed to attend, no substitute by another person is allowed.
  8. Everyone should handle with care all equipment and facilities provided by the AFA, and are liable to pay for any damage caused.
  9. Learners are expected to attend classes regularly and to be punctual. 
  10. Mobile phones are to be switched off or kept in silent mode during classes. 
  11. Classes/activities may be cancelled and class time may be reduced due to force majeure, emergencies or other unexpected contingencies.


  1. All lessons must be arranged and paid for in advance. Instalments may be accepted; in such a case, the first instalment will be 80% of the total amount, upon enrolment, and the second and last instalment of 20% is due 2 weeks later. For lack of payment of the second instalment, the learner will be excluded from the class at the day of non-payment, and the first instalment won’t be reimbursed.
  2. For persons under 18 years of age at the time of enrolment, all bookings must be confirmed in writing by the learner’s parent or legal guardian. In such a case, the age of the minor shall be specified.
  3. Payment may be effected online, in person by EFTPOS, cash, personal cheque or credit card. Direct credit via internet banking may also be accepted. The registration shall be effective at reception of the payment by AFA.
  4. AFA applies a strict no credit policy.


  1. AFA applies a strict no refund policy for any sold product.
  2. In the case of private/semi-private lessons or distance learning lessons, learners may notify AFA in writing including by email not less than 48 hours before the scheduled lesson time requesting a postponement of the lesson and AFA may at its sole discretion and convenience endeavour to.
  3. Failure to respect this 48 hours cancellation notice will result in the counting the missed lesson as billable.
  4. In case of a semi-private course, each concerned learner must give her/his agreement for a cancellation at least 48 hours before the class. Learners must talk to each other about the cancellation and the re-schedule of the class, and inform the teacher or the course coordinator.
  5. Failure to attend or obtain a rescheduling will result in forfeiture of course fees. In case the course was provided to the present learners, the course won’t be caught up for the absent ones unless additional courses bought for that purpose.
  6. If a learner is late for a scheduled private or semi-private learning, the lesson time will not be extended beyond the pre-arranged finish time and the full lesson fee shall be charged.
  7. Any pre-paid private or semi-private lessons are valid for one year from the original date of purchase. AFA applies a strict no-refund policy for unused hours.
  8. Alliance Francaise Auckland is not responsible for changes of level restriction due to Covid-19 that would prevent face to face classes taking place. Alliance Francaise Auckland offers alternative online classes and therefore no refunds will apply if a student chooses not to attend the alternative option provided


  1. Should AFA experience technical disruption at the time of a lesson preventing provision of the scheduled session, a “make-up” lesson will be arranged at the earliest convenience for the learner and AFA but no refund shall be available.
  2. AFA is not responsible for the quality of learner’s internet connection, equipment quality or related issues.
  3. Distance learners are required to correctly install Skype or other Distance Learning application as specified and agreed with AFA, and provide the relevant details to AFA’s administrator in advance of the lesson (mailto: information@alliance-francaise.co.nz).
  4. Distance learners are responsible for ensuring they have a working high-speed internet connection, relevant user account and ID, and suitable headset and microphone for each Distance Learning session.
  5. Should a distance learner be located in a different time zone from NZST, the learner is responsible for ensuring they are available at the correct prearranged time relative to NZST.
  6. A Distance Learning session shall be considered terminated by force majeure should the session be disrupted by very bad audio quality, internet disruption on either side of the session or instability of the Distance Learning application’s platform.
  7. In case of force majeure, if more than 75% of the session has been completed, the whole lesson is deemed completed. If less than 75% of the session has been completed, any shortfall of time will be made up by a credit on account.


  1. AFA shall determine class placement of a learner and learner academic progression at its sole discretion. The availability of places in any advertised course is subject to enrolment, on a first come first served basis.
  2. AFA proposes to the learner and recommends a language level test to determine class placement.


  1. Subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act, 1993, personal information collected by AFA either during the application process or subsequently may be stored and used for the purpose of administration, shared with AFA organisations and exploited for the purposes of promotion and publicity. AFA may use photographic images taken during AFA classes and activities for publicity purposes.
  2. AFA is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our members’ and learners’ personal information. To read our Privacy Policy in more detail, please click here.


  1. By applying for membership, learner registration or enrolment to an AFA program, one accepts these terms & conditions and any rules published or subsequently amended by AFA, or any additional regulations established by AFA.
  2. Breach of any of these terms & conditions, or any AFA rules or regulations by the member or learner, or failure to comply with New Zealand law may result in suspension or expulsion of the member or learner by AFA and consequential forfeiture of fees. No refund shall be given.


  1. If a dispute arises, it is the responsibility of a member/learner to seek to resolve the matter with the staff member concerned in order to find an amicable solution. Such discussion should not be conducted during any lesson.
  2. If the member/learner feels the matter remains unresolved, an appointment may be requested with the AFA General Manager.
  3. In the event that the AFA General Manager is unable to resolve the matter, the member/learner may contact her/his solicitor.
  4. These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand for the resolution of any disputes that may arise.
  5. AFA does not accept liability in contract or in tort nor will pay any compensation in respect of any person or property for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly, or indirectly by events beyond its control, whether at AFA’s premises or during any AFA social or cultural event of activity. You indemnify us against any claim made against ourselves which may arise as a result of your actions. AFA is not responsible or liable for breach of any law or regulation by the learner or the member.


  • AFA reserves the right to vary courses and event details, prices and dates without notice and shall not be liable if scheduled courses or contracted services cannot be delivered.
  • AFA may alter any of these terms and conditions without notice at any time, and deny enrolment to any person without explanation.