DELF Diplomas are internationally recognised qualifications that certify the abilities of candidates in the French language.
The level requirements for the DELF Prim and Junior are exactly the same as those for the DELF “Adults”.
The difference lies in the choice of topics which are selected to suit the interests of young people, thus making learning more fun.

  • Diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education and internationally recognised.
  • Assess the four competencies (reading, writing, listening and speaking) at each level.
  • Valid for a lifetime.

You can find out lots of detailed information about the DELF Prim here.


  • 3 different levels, A1.1 (very elementary), A1 & A2
  • Adapted for children between 7 and 11 years old in primary school

Sessions dates 2024

DELF Prim and Junior exams are both on the same day

Session 1 

Enrolment deadline : 18th of October 2024
Examination date: 2nd November 2024

Enrolment process - DELF Prim

Click on the price below to proceed the payment. Once it done, you will receive an invoice and the official form to register

If you have any question send everything by email to (or bring all documents to our office).

MOCK EXAM for kids 

If you want your child to prepare for the exam or if you are unsure about their level and which exam they should enroll in, Alliance Française offers mock exams.

Mock Exam Process:

  • Receiving the Mock Exam + Scheduling the Oral Exam: The student receives a mock exam from Alliance Française to complete at home and a date is set for the oral part of the exam.
  • Submitting the Mock Exam: The student submits the completed mock exam to Alliance Française.
  • Oral Exam + Feedback  : The oral part of the exam is conducted at Alliance Française. After the Oral the Alliance Française returns the corrected mock exam with feedback. 

- Price: $45 (incl. GST)

If your kids are enrolled in a French Bilingual Program-FRENZ

FRENZ Mock exam 2024
A mock exam is organised one month before the real exams in order to help the native French speaker candidates to choose the right level.
Non-native French speakers are also welcome to join however please note candidates are only assessed on listening, reading and writing parts.

Next session 
- Date and Time:  13th of Septembre 2024
- Enrollment deadline : 9th of september
- Price: $30 (incl. GST)

Click on the price in order to proceed with the payment and enrol.

FRENZ Combo Mock exam + Exam preparation classes 2024

A special combo to attend the Mock exam and the preparation classes in order to be fully ready for the DELF Prim or Junior Exam.

  • Date and Time:  (2 classes of 2 hours each on fridays from 4.00pm to 6.00 pm)- Friday the 18th of October and Friday the 25th of October
  • Enrollment deadline : Monday the 9th of October

Click on the price in order to proceed with the payment and enrol.