DELF and DALF Diplomas are internationally recognised qualifications that certify the abilities of candidates in the French language.

  • Diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education and internationally recognised.
  • Assess the four competencies (reading, writing, listening and speaking) at each level.
  • Six independent diplomas that correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:
  •        -> Basic user (DELF) : A1 & A2
           -> Independent user (DELF) : B1 & B2
           -> Proficient user (DALF) : C1 & C2
  • Valid for a lifetime.

You can find out lots of detailed information about the DELF here and the DALF here.

Sessions dates 2024

                              Examination date: 19th October 2024
                                 Enrollement deadline : 30th September 2024

Enrolment process - DELF Tout Public

Click on the price below to proceed the payment. Once it done, you will receive an invoice and the official form to register

- DELF A1 - $135
DELF A2 - $135
- DELF B1 - $155

DELF B2 - $155
- DALF C1 - $210
DALF C2 - $210

Mock exam 

Mock exams can be done anytime with a DELF/DALF qualified teacher.
This could help you to choose the right level.

- Date and Time: Anytime -> Writing exams as homework (corrected by a teacher) + oral exam with appointment (on Zoom or face to face).
- Price: $75
Please once you proceed the payment send a mail to to ask for the mock exam and fix a time to do the oral part.

Preparation classes for the DELF/DALF exam

Sessions with teachers from Alliance Francaise to help candidates prepare for the exam.
- We hold DELF Preparation classes in the lead up to the exams. More information
- Assess your level online (for reference only):