French For Travellers

You have watched documentaries about France, its amazing sightseeings, explored France's regions on Instagram, Internet or even Facebook for hours while being at home staying safe.

But you don't want to stay home any more : it will soon be time to explore the world.
And what is more exciting than preparing for your trip ?

You have booked your flight or you are about to book them
You have looked online for the best hotels, best restaurants, best wines, best places, and which city has the nicest French people !

And now, you are wondering what you could do more to ensure that you have the best time in France during your well deserved holidays ?

This course will give you the key to a perfect holiday in France

 You'll learn helpful vocabulary and key phrases for navigating your way through a Francophone country. With the help from our native French-speaking (and well-travelled) teacherswe will help you to order a croissant without flinching, ask for directions with fashion, enjoy friendly encounters with locals and much more !

If this sounds like you, then jump on board !

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