20 & 21April
Saturday and Sunday : 5 hours/day

27 & 28 April 
Saturday and Sunday : 5 hours/day

Experience the all-new French Intensive Class at Alliance Fran├žaise, a new program designed to be completed over two immersive weekends only.

There are 2 levels available, A1.1 which will allow you to dive into French beginner classes, and A2.1. If you are unsure about your current level of French, complete a level assessment test here
The two immersive weekends combine experienced instructors, and a supportive environment to ensure accelerated language acquisition.

If you'd like to challenge yourself and progress quickly, this program is made for you!

Embrace an intensive learning challenge where grammar, listening comprehension, and vocabulary expansion await you in the morning sessions. This will be followed by a French lunch (think quiches, croque monsieur and more).

As for the afternoon, there will be a special focus on oral expression along with a dive into French culture. This program delivers 20hours of teaching across 4 days (2 weekends).

Rate:  $490*
*tuition book & membership not included


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Complete a level assessment here! Complete a level assessment here!

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