DELF and DALF Diplomas are internationally recognised qualifications that certify the abilities of candidates in the French language.

  • Diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education and internationally recognised.
  • Assess the four competencies (reading, writing, listening and speaking) at each level.
  • Six independent diplomas that correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:
  •        -> Basic user (DELF) : A1 & A2
           -> Independent user (DELF) : B1 & B2
           -> Proficient user (DALF) : C1 & C2
  • Valid for a lifetime.

You can find out lots of detailed information about the DELF here and the DALF here.

Sessions dates 2024

Examination date: 19th october 2024
Enrollement deadline : 30th september 2024

- DELF A1-A2 - $115
- DELF B1-B2 - $135
- DALF C1-C2 - $190

Enrolment process

  1. Fill in the registration form (please download here)
  2. Provide a copy of ID (driving licence or passport)
  3. Send everything by email to                                                                                               (or bring all documents to our office) Precise in the message your native language.
  4. Make your payment by clicking the prices below or come at our office.

Mock exam 

Mock exams can be done anytime with a DELF/DALF qualified teacher.
This could help you to choose the right level.

- Date and Time: Anytime -> Writing exams as homework (corrected by a teacher) + oral exam with appointment (on Zoom or face to face).
- Price: $75
Please once you proceed the payment send a mail to to ask for the mock exam and fix a time to do the oral part.

Preparation classes for the DELF/DALF exam

Sessions with teachers from Alliance Francaise to help candidates prepare for the exam.
- We hold DELF Preparation classes in the lead up to the exams. More information
- Assess your level online (for reference only):