The TCF is the French Ministry of Education’s French test, to assess your level of French in a simple, reliable and efficient manner.

  • The test is like a snapshot of a person’s linguistic abilities at a given point in their life.
  • It is valid for 2 years.

Further information about the TCF here.


We offer 4 types of TCF Tests:

  • TCF Tout Public - You wish to assess your French language skills for personal, academic or professional reasons.
  • TCF ANF ("Accès la Nationalité Française / for French Citizenship) - You need to prove your level of French as part of your application for French Citizenship.
  • TCF for Quebec - You wish to settle long-term in Quebec and you need to have your level of French assessed for your immigration application.

Session 1:  Exam date: Friday 22 March        Registration Deadline: Friday 22 February

Session 2 : Exam date: Friday 14 June           Registration Deadline: Friday 10 May

Session 3 : Exam date: Friday 13 September  Registration Deadline: Friday 09 August
Session 4 : Exam date: Friday 22 November  Registration Deadline: Friday 18 October


1-Download the registration form for the TCF test here. For your registration, you will need to provide a picture (digital format), please find some information about the picture you must provide  here.
2- Proceed to payment and click on the appropirate examination option(s) under "COST
" below.

COST - To finalise your payment, please click on the red dollar amount link below that corresponds to the exam(s) you wish to take.

TCF - listening, structure, reading ($460)
Optional add-ons for TCF

Speaking ($105)       Writing ($105)

TCF ANF - listening + speaking ($360)

TCF Québec - listening + speaking  ($360)
Optional add-ons for TCF Québec

Writing ($105)
Reading ($105)

TCF Québec + listening, speaking, reading, writing add-ons "Package Deal" ($520)

TCF Québec Individual Module-
Listening ($200)
Speaking ($200)
Reading ($200)
Writing ($200)