Les Frenz's Classes

Alliance Francaise Auckland and Frenz School Inc have partnered to offer classes for kids aged from 3 to 5 years old,
Those classes will help your loved one getting ready for Richmond Road School (Archipel) and Birkdale North School (Etoile du Nord) units.

This is an exciting opportunity for parents to immerse their children in a Pre-School programme before jumping in the Primary School Bilingual Program. Those classes will help integrate your loved one until the Bilingual Program but most importantly will prepare your child to his first step into school !

What is Alliance Francaise Auckland ?

Alliance Francaise Auckland is the solely accredited French Cultural center accredited by the Embassy of France in New-Zealand
This accreditation is an example of the professionalism and the quality of the experience given to students

What is Frenz School Inc ?

Frenz is a not-for-profit organization helping public schools across New Zealand open and operate quality French-English bilingual programmes.

The bilingual units are fully integrated within each school, with students participating in all aspects of school life.​Bilingual education offers children the opportunity to become proficient in all academic subjects in both languages.

For any questions regarding the Bilingual Program, feel free to contact Frenz School

For any questions, regarding enrolment to classes and Alliance Information feel free to contact us 

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