Immerse yourself in French Culture with 10 tailor-made workshops

Unlock the French in You: Where Language Meets Culture in 10 Epic Workshops!

Join our new cultural workshops to experience french culture and improve your French!
Guided by Sarah Le Breton, you’ll be immersed in authentic French culture for 10 different workshops, all the while brushing up on your French language skills in a relaxed and inspiring environment. We have a range of activities to choose from, and we keep our group sizes small so that you can truly get the most out of the experience.

About the workshops’ format ?

The concept is a series of 10 workshops, meant for intermediate and advanced French speakers. The intent is to help attendees practice and enhance their French proficiency through the discovery of aspects of the French culture that I find particularly meaningful. They are not classic courses for people who want to learn French through a more typical academic approach. 

That being said, I still intend to make it as efficient and helpful as possible, with typical teaching tools, such as memos about the necessary vocabulary used during each session, and/or grammar reminders to help the students better understand the content of the class.

The goal is to make the sessions as interactive as possible. Having had to learn several foreign languages myself, I know that the only way to really improve is to participate actively, and use every opportunity to actually speak.



                          Tuesday Morning Program Tuesday Morning Program

10.00am - 11.30am From level A2

                        Wednesday Evening Program Wednesday Evening Program

6pm - 7.30pm Advanced level

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A little about Sarah :

My name is Sarah Renault – Le Breton. Although originally from La Rochelle (on the Atlantic coast, best seafood in France), I have become Parisian at heart. I am also a true lover of art, literature, cooking, theatre and photography. Being an expatriate and having travelled around the world for the past twenty years, I have found that it is always a pleasure to share the different aspects of our culture with people who are interested in France.I am a certified Science teacher (Maths, Physics and Chemistry), and have a genuine passion for teaching. Unfortunately, our lifestyle has made it difficult for us to stay for a full school year in the same place, so that I am actively seeking other ways to share my knowledge and passions, whether it be science, art or simply the French way of life.This is why I have decided, with the support of the Alliance française of Auckland, to animate dedicated workshops around French culture, and to share with the kiwis some of the more exciting aspects of our way of life. Hopefully, I can also use this opportunity to help practice or improve your French.

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