Conversation Workshops

Join a friendly group of students at your level to practice your oral French skills.

Conversation classes

Our weekly conversation class offers you a great opportunity to strengthen your communication skills in a French immersion class with students of the same level. 

Once a week, you will discuss about a different topics through videos, texts and/or images.

We are offering two different levels of Conversation Class: Intermediate (A2) or Advanced (B1/B2)      

                                      Intermediate (A2) Intermediate (A2)                               Advanced (B1/B2) Advanced (B1/B2)   

Eat, Talk and Laugh

Join a fortnightly French "Apéro" with a teacher and practice your French in a very relaxed atmosphere. 

The group freely discuss about the topics they want and the teacher just come back on the mistakes and good habits frequently heard during the session during the 15 last minutes of the session.

Eat Talk and Laugh sessions are open to students from B2 level.

Language workshops

Language workshops are a chance to focus in on a particular aspect of French grammar or pronunciation. A relaxed and enjoyable way to tackle some tricky topics!

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